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Body treatments

Body Treatments

Relaxation Massage 60 min | $80


Put your day on temporary hold and recharge yourself with the best and most invigorating relaxation whole body massage in North Vancouver. Techniks’ Relaxation Massage will make you forget your daily stresses and leave you with a feeling of Zenful peace, serenity and a renewed energy to face whatever is left on your weekly to-do list.


Deep Tissue Massage 60 min | $90


Your body’s muscles take the brunt of your daily stress and physical activity. Melt away those knots in your neck and shoulders from excessive screen time. Relax the muscles along your spine that come from too much time spent sitting at the office. Reward those tired legs with some much-needed attention. A deep tissue massage is exactly what you need to feel whole again.


Body Scrub 60 min | $80


Scrub away the old, tired and dirty feeling skin which our bodies accumulate over time. Our rejuvenating body scrub service will leave you feeling as fresh and free as the day you were born.


Body Bronzing $89


That tan from Mexico has already faded and Summer is still a while way so give yourself some color and that warm summery glow with a treatment of St. Tropez Body Bronzing from Techniks.

Purchase any St. Tropez homecare product and receive $20 off your bronzing treatment.


+ Body Scrub $20

+ Makeup Refresh FREE

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