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Covid 19 - Updates

Hello Techniks Guests!


We have taken the following certifications to ensure that we are compliant with the Vancouver Health Authority and updated our skills in salon and spa sanitization specific to Covid-19.

  • Beauty Safe Certification Level 1

  • Beauty Safe Certification Level 2

  • Barbicide Certification

  • Barbicide Covid-19 Certification

  • Pandemic Awareness by Worksite Safety

All Techniks team members will continue to maintain our high standard of cleanliness, as well as disinfection and sanitization daily, in-between guest appointments and regularly throughout the day.  This extra level of care will include:

  • Ensuring that our team does not attend the salon if they have any signs of illness, regardless if the symptoms are related to Covid-19 or not.  

  • All tools, implements and surfaces will be cleaned and/or disinfected between every guest.

  • Capes will not be used between guests until they have been fully laundered including dried at a high heat.


Through these measures we feel confident that we can keep our team and our guests healthy and safe while preventing the spread of Covid-19.


Thank you, 

The Techniks Team

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