Covid 19 - Updates

Hello Techniks Guests!

We know you have all been anxiously waiting for Techniks Hair Studio and Spa to reopen and we are happy to announce that June 1st we will be opening our doors to the public.  The safety of our guests and our team is paramount and we needed to make sure that all safety measures and procedures were in place prior to reopening. 

We have also all taken the following certifications to ensure that we are compliant with the Vancouver Health Authority and updated our skills in salon and spa sanitization specific to Covid-19.

  • Beauty Safe Certification Level 1

  • Beauty Safe Certification Level 2

  • Barbicide Certification

  • Barbicide Covid-19 Certification

  • Pandemic Awareness by Worksite Safety

All Techniks team members will continue to maintain our high standard of cleanliness, as well as disinfection and sanitization daily, in-between guest appointments and regularly throughout the day.  This extra level of care will include:

  • Ensuring that our team does not attend the salon if they have any signs of illness, regardless if the symptoms are related to Covid-19 or not.  

  • The front waiting room will no longer have seating and there will be a Plexiglass barrier at the front desk.

  • Social distancing within the salon space will reduce the number of stations so that we can accommodate the 6ft. rule.

  • All tools, implements and surfaces will be cleaned and/or disinfected between every guest.

  • Capes will not be used between guests until they have been fully laundered including dried at a high heat.

  • Neck strips will be placed between the client’s skin and towel/cape to offer an extra level of protection.

  • Our team will be wearing masks and/or face shields.

The following is a list of protocols that we have set up for our clients:

  • We will be calling our guests that had missed appointments due to our mandated closure due to Covid-19 first.  

  • You may call to book an appointment.  We will be anticipating a higher volume of calls and with limited staff it may take a bit longer to get back to you.  We appreciate your kindness and patience at this time.

  • We have extended our operating hours so we can provide as many service appointments as possible to our clients and still be compliant with social distancing.

  • We will do our best to stagger appointment times in order to maintain physical distancing.

  • There will be no walk-ins and a phone number will be provided on the front door as we will require an appointment for all services.  If we can accommodate someone immediately and still social distance, we will be happy to do so.

  • Appointments are limited to the individual who is booked and any guests/children will be asked to wait outside.

  • Please arrive at Techniks within 5 minutes of your appointment start time.  Please note that if you are late for an appointment, you may need to reschedule if there is a chance your appointment will cross over into other appointment times.

  • Please wait outside until you are asked to enter the salon.

  • All guests will be asked to wash their hands before beginning with their service.  You will also be asked if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or other illnesses.

  • All guests are required to wear a mask.  If you come to the salon without one, they will be available for $2.50 and includes applicable taxes. (while quantities last)

  • Techniks is temporarily charging a fee to cover the extra costs of cleaning and maintaining the salon and spa.  This fee will be $5.00 and includes applicable taxes.

  • Social distancing decals will be on the floor of the salon to assist in meeting the 6ft. rule. 

  • Magazines, candy and drink service have been removed from the salon but you are more than welcome to bring your own reading material and beverages.

  • All clients will be required to provide a phone number and/or email for contact tracing should it be required.

  • Need products?  Please ask for assistance.  Please do not touch products on display.

  • Techniks would prefer contactless payment such as VISA, Mastercard and Debit.

  • Although this may seem rigid, if you do not show up for a scheduled appointment, you will be required to pay for the service in full.  We have no choice but to greatly reduce the number of appointments that we can offer at this time which will have considerable impact on our team.  Lost appointments will further contribute to this impact.  Extenuating circumstances will be respected. 

  • Please leave extra bags and coats in your vehicle wherever possible.

  • Please use your washroom at home before attending the salon if possible.  Reducing the number of people accessing the washroom only helps to reduce our risks even further.

  • As much as we have missed you, we are deferring handshakes and hugs to a later date 


Through these measures we feel confident that we can keep our team and our guests healthy and safe while preventing the spread of Covid-19.


Thank you, 

The Techniks Team