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North Vancouver’s Hair Studio of Choice

Get back that natural glow

North Vancouver's best facial treatment for clean and clear skin


Treats for hands & feet

Pamper yourself with a Mani or Pedi; Baby soft soothing comfort


A whole Body Experience.

Relaxing Massages, Body Scrubs and Bronzing 


The Devil is in the details.

Give those eyelashes and eyebrows some love and attention


like butter!

From beastly to beautiful, one follicle at a time


Natural & hypoallergenic

The sweetest natural way to remove unwanted hair


North Vancouver’s Best Spa, Techniks.

North Vancouver Spa services from Techniks offer you a relaxing and reasonably priced escape from the pressures of everyday life. Our experienced spa services team are skilled in a variety of massage and bodywork techniques that ease your tensions, renew your skin and rejuvenate you like only a Techniks North Vancouver spa experience can.


Unwind from today’s crazy traffic or recover from a stress filled week dealing with life’s challenges by having a deep tissue massage – a relaxing massage experience is like getting your body’s batteries recharged. Treat yourself, or that ‘special someone’, to a classic manicure and matching pedicure to ease the parts of our body that we use and abuse the most. Our hands and feet take a beating and they deserve some tender loving care.


Maybe your skin has lost its healthy glow from all the pollution and stress you’re under? Your body’s largest organ needs regular care so it can function at its best. Skin care not only affects how you look, but also how you feel. If you want that feeling of being refreshed and reborn, we suggest North Vancouver’s best body scrub, followed by a soothing application of a moisturizing lotion. This simple treatment will make your regain its glow and tingle like an electric current.


Allowing yourself the luxury of a spa treatment at our North Vancouver location is a reward that you’ve earned. Don’t think of it as an indulgence, it’s a simple gift to yourself to simply say “thank you.”


If you want to surprise someone and say “Thank You”, a spa treatment of some type or a gift certificate is a great way to let them know that they are appreciated.


Life is short, let’s enjoy the journey along the way.

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