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Alexandria Sugaring

Sugaring provides 100% natural hair removal.


If you’ve found waxing to be too painful or uncomfortable for you, and are tired of constantly shaving to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth and beautiful, you may find that Alexandria Sugaring (sugaring) is the best way to remove unwanted hair from your legs, face, and body. Sugaring is extremely gentle to your skin; the sugaring solution used is water-based and water-soluble. The sugaring mixture does not stick to the skin but instead only attaches itself to the hairs targeted for removal.


Sugaring delivers numerous benefits. Take a look at some of sugaring’s advantages:

  • The sugar solution does not stick to live skin cells like wax can, so there is far less discomfort involved in the Sugaring technique. Not to mention less damage to the skin. Less redness and skin damage means more beautiful, smooth skin when the process is over.

  • The sugaring process works in a different way than waxing. The sugaring solution surrounds the hair follicles to lubricate and loosen the hair from the follicle itself. This makes extraction gentle and more complete than traditional and typical waxing. Customers are often surprised to learn that waxing can leave behind up to 30% of hair due to breakage during the hair removal procedure. Breakage is greatly reduced with sugaring, resulting in far less hair making an appearance over the weeks following treatment.

  • The Alexandria Sugaring paste we use is 100% and made from sugar, lemon, and water. If you’re concerned about what gets put on your skin, and how your body may react then you’ll appreciate this 100% natural treatment. When you choose sugaring hair removal from Techniks in North Vancouver, you’ll know exactly what is being applied to your skin and feel comfortable knowing it is all-natural.

  • Sugaring even allows for the removal of very short stubble which is almost impossible to remove by waxing. If you can’t wait for your next waxing appointment and you have an important upcoming event that demands the smooth and silky look you want, you can get it without having to shave.


Our convenient North Vancouver Studio and spa is located close to the Stong’s Market on Dollarton Highway. Two minutes from the Iron Workers’ bridge and close to almost everything.


When you’re considering sugaring for the removal of unwanted hair please give the staff at Techniks Hair Studio & Spa a call at 604.983.2880 and schedule an appointment. If you have any questions about the sugaring process or hair removal in general, give our experts a call!


Upper Lip $22

Eyebrows $30

Face: sides & chin $35

Underarm $32

Forearm $42 

 Full Arm $50

Half Leg $53

Half Leg & Bikini $75

Bikini $40

French Bikini $49

Brazilian $60

Back & Neck $65+

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